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Suresh Shrimali ji is a person whose rich personality and abundant potentialities find themselves hares to be bound in words. These lines therefore would be only an humble attempt in that behalf. Here is a young man of boundless energy who had started showing signs of something big in his mind right from his children.

The urge to serve those who are in need of such service was burning within him ever as a child. However after his higher education, he made Astrological spiritualism his prime most mission and caring this forch firmly in his hands, he resolved to enlighten the masses who were in need of such light the light of astrological spiritualism and in relation to and as applicable to human beings initiating a campaign in this be half was not an easy path to treat but then there he was this Suresh Shrimali– who backed up by the inspiration of his reverend father and Guru Pt. Radha Krishna Ji Shrimali - ventured into this difficult path rather then choosing to take to any often province.

Suresh Shrimali is versatile and multifaceted personality. Rarely do we come across such a person in our day to day life. There are people who acquire knowledge and there are people who get success but all that comes at an advanced age but to achieve such heights and at such a young age this is something that boggles our mind. And this is what makes him a brilliant exception.

One single illustration to bring our point home is enough, namely Suresh Shrimali has made history in the world of TV Channels. He has the distinction of success conducting so many programs of TV at so many channels at a time. All this at such a young age- and despite so many other pre occupations.

Not only this Suresh Shrimali, in such a short period of time, has authored a string of books on subject like Feng – Shui, Vastu Shastra, Pyramid Shastra and modes of prayer of worship what are called the various upasanas.

This is all due to his tireless effort of boundless energy.

An early bird of Brahma Mahoorat, a meticulous regularity in his morning ‘service’ through mayer, attending to the problems of various devotees from for and wide, on phone or otherwise, almost ceaselessly.

Preoccupation with all these things leave hardly any time with Suresh for his personal comfort or conveniences even food or rest. (which are also important).