Grahonkakhel Monthly Magzine

How to get Grahonkakhel Magzine?

If you want to buy the Grahonkakhel Monthly Magzine then this website offer several methods to get the Grahonkakhel Magzine.Kindly go through the

  1. If you want to buy a single magzine you have to make a payment of INR 85/- .You can select pay option as VPP , in this case you have to make the payment at the time of delivery of magzine.

  2. If you want to become a member of the Grahonkakhel magzine then, we offer 1 year, 3 year , 5 year and 11 year memberships. In membership , a free gift will be given to the members with the first magzine that he receives.

  3. About postage and handling (Members only).

  • If you want the magzine by general post then you have to pay subscription fee of the membership. First issue will be sent by courier (Magzine + free gift).Remaining magzines will be sent by ordinary post to your postal address.

  • We will not be responsible in case of any delay by postal department.

  • If you select VPP as you payment method, first issue of magzine + free gift will be sent to you by VPP and remaining issues will be sent by ordinary post to your postal address.

  • If you want all magzines by Courier then you have to make an additional payment of courier charges depending upon the term of membership . First magzine + free gift will be sent to you by courier and remaining issues of magzine will also be sent by courier to your postal address.
Subscription Type
Subscription Fee
Free Gifts

1Year Membership

(12 Months)

INR 500/-
With Courier charges 800/-

3Year Membership

(36 Months)

INR 1400/-
With Courier charges =INR 2400/-

5Year Membership

(60 Months)

INR 2300/-
With Courier charges INR 4100/-

11Year Membership

(132 Months)

INR 4800/-
With Courier charges INR 8700/-


Note :- Members seeking for Grahonkakhel magzines by general post and vpp have to pay only subscription fee and if the members want all the magzines by courier then they have to pay the amount with courier charges.